How to make extra money during rough times.

Please note: If you are collecting unemployment do some research on if you are allowed to make money and how much before it affects your benefits. This varies from state to state and if you do not report earned money it can lead to legal action against you from the state (some states it can even lead to jail time).

So, you got laid off or have free time and would like to earn some extra money. I’ve seen more posts than I can count promising to show you ways to make extra money but they are all the same – surveys, watch TV shows, etc. The problem with these is that you can put a lot of time into them but make little to no money (surveys have a habit of making you spend 30 to 45 minutes trying to “qualify” for the survey – even ask you dozens of survey questions only to tell you that you do not qualify and won’t get paid).

Other “make money” opportunities include spending money. Yeah, you can get a $100 credit on a new credit card but after you spend $500 (and pay it off) plus, not everyone is able to open and maintain a new bank or investment account.

This post is different. While almost none of these can be done from home (and actually require work) they can help you make extra money during hard times.

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What’s with the complaints about stores being open on holidays?

Over the past few years (what, 5-10?) there has been a lot of outcry over people who have to work major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. People even call for boycotts of these stores, hold protests, etc… Honestly, though, where is this coming from? Employees working these holidays is nothing new! Continue reading