Pete Jerry

Vegan community – this is what you’re doing wrong.

I am not a vegan or vegetarian.  I am an omnivore but I do most likely eat less meat than the average omnivore.  While I do believe that eventually we may be a vegetarian or vegan society, or at least mostly, I do not see a serious movement towards this lifestyle for at least 2 generations (and that’s if things go quickly), but more likely 4 generations and a few generations after that for a mostly vegetarian society.  How long this change will take is up to two sides – the vegan / vegetarian community and the resistance (those who will fight to keep meat eating alive).  I am going to concentrate on the vegan community because most of what I see is coming from them, not the vegetarian community (vegetarians are either very quiet of quietly in the vegan community).

While the vegan community is making strides I honestly believe that their tactics are more successful at turning people away from veganism than turning people towards veganism.  I do believe that veganism is a noble cause – it’s just their methods that I, and many others, do not agree with.

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