Great White

Boston Marathon Bombing

 Please note, all information in this was obtained though public news sources and I cannot verify any of it.  If you find anything inaccurate, please let me know either though the comments or my Facebook page,

While tragedies and disasters are not uncommon in today’s world for the majority of us they usually happen in some far off place and doesn’t affect us too much other than watching it on the nightly news.  Most of the time we don’t know anyone but might know someone who knows someone who knows someone else who is ex-roommates with someone who knew someone who was in a class with someone who was affected by the disaster (and the larger the disaster the closer the victims are to us).  For some reason, this isn’t true for New England.

It’s like relationships in New England are a step (or more) above what they would be in the rest of the nation.  Acquaintances are friends, friends are close friends, close friends are family, and so on.  When a disaster hits New England the effects reach far beyond than they would elsewhere in the nation.  We saw this with the Station Nightclub fire (Great White was playing on Feb 20, 2003) where the effects hit all 6 states and people hundreds of miles away.  The Boston Marathon bombing is another example.  With 4 dead (3 at the race and 1 MIT security officer on April 19) so far and almost 200 injured (many still in the hospital) it is hard to find a New Englander who doesn’t know someone who was there. Continue reading