There’s a domain you want to use but someone else has it? It may be cheaper than you think!



You have an idea for a website or business and know what domain you want so you try to register it but you notice someone else has it.  Typically, the first thought is “what a cyber-squatter” or “great, now they’re going to want millions of dollars for it”.  Sadly, though, in most cases neither is true.  Unless you have a trademark, had it longer than the domain, and the domain infringes on your trademark then you might be dealing with a squatter (but also possible they do not know about your trademark).  For example, if I owned and used to as an informational site about building houses with mud, Adobe (software) could not go after me for the name (as long as I had no computer related ads etc, too).  As for being greedy, domain prices are like a pyramid.  The higher you go in price, the fewer domains sell at that price. Continue reading

Calling out all geeks and nerds!

With the mess that our country is in today, and has been for a while, it is clear that politicians, bankers, businessmen, and the elite are not doing the best job possible.  So who to turn to?  Well, in the business world when something goes wrong the entire company turns to one group of people to take care of it – their technicians (IT people, etc.). Continue reading

Those crazy Pastafarians…


5 things drivers do for safety that are actually dangerous

slow1)      Driving Slowly

This is one of my largest pet peeves (since it can be very dangerous) and by “slowly” I mean below the speed limit.  I’d also like to add in – this means during normal driving conditions (when you can safely drive the speed limit).  Dry pavement, good visibility, etc, are times of “normal driving conditions” while heavy fog, traffic, bad weather are not.

The thought:  Driving slowly will give you more time to react if something happens while driving.  It will also help you maintain control of your car.  Besides, most highway safety boards say “driving slowly reduces your risk of an accident”, right?

The reality:  Driving slowly can be dangerous, especially on multi-lane roads and highways.  People always look at speeders but at least they’re the one who has to move from lane to lane to avoid the slower cars.  If a car is going below the speed limit then all other cars need to move to get past them – more cars switching lanes increases the chances of an accident.  Think of it this way, if you were driving 45 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else was driving 60 MpH you’d think they were being dangerous.  How is this any different when one car is driving 30 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else is driving the speed limit?

What you should do:  Drive the speed limit or at least close to it.  If you can’t then you should consider alternate routes on slower streets or even look into if you should be driving at all.  Most states have minimum speed limits on highways and can also pull over cars on side streets for driving too slowly (usually 10-15 MpH below the speed limit). Continue reading

Defenders of Wildlife: Misleading fundraising?

220px-Everglades_National_Park_Florida_PantherSeveral months ago my wife and I went to a Florida Panthers (hockey) game.  During one of the periods I took a walk around the arena and came across a booth with people promoting conservation of the Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi), a critically endangered subspecies of panther that exists in south Florida.  I spent quite a bit of time talking to the people about the panthers and the discussion migrated to wolf dogs and wolf-like dogs since one of them had a husky / malamute service dog with them.  Their setup and their paperwork didn’t give any kind of hint that they were associated with a larger organization and I was under the impression that they were a local organization  I decided to give them a donation of $20 and they gave me a small stuffed panther.

My concerns started the next day when I noticed the tag on the stuffed panther said “Defenders of Wildlife”.  I didn’t jump to conclusions at the time since I had also given them my email address.  I was hoping that DOW had given these panthers to the group as a donation to help with the conservation.  Over the next few months I watched my email account and did not receive any emails from DOW so I thought that the panthers were donated to the group from DOW. Continue reading

Left lane driving


An emerging threat from the energy sector…

The fuel and power industries have had many accidents over the past few years, from small tanker spills to ruptured oil pipelines, to even large drilling platforms exploding and then collapsing into the sea.  Many of these are not reported to the media (like the oil pipeline leak recently in Arkansas).  Yet it seems that one power generation industry has been completely ignored and yet they are responsible for the largest spills ever recorded not only in the USA but around the world!  This industry that thinks it is immune to justice is the solar power industry. Continue reading

Sprint, Softbank, Clearwire, and Dish

Full disclosure:  I work for Sprint and I am a shareholder (I would also like to keep my job!).

Some people may question the legality of posting something like this but not only is all information in this post 100% public but if investment firms and US lawmakers (all with a conflict of interest when making statements like these) can make statements on the subject, then I can, too.

There is a lot of fear-mongering going on now against the proposed Softbank buyout of Sprint.  The issue is that this is nothing more than an attempt to make a quick buck at the cost of tens of thousands of jobs and millions of customers. Continue reading

This is me all the time.


10 things today’s music fans are missing

How people have listened to music  has changed a lot over the past, well, for as long as it has been around but until about 30 years ago (mainly with the introduction of the CD) it was fairly consistent.  The CD changed the music industry for the next 20-25 years and then music downloading changed it even more.  While today’s methods give us crisper / cleaner music that lasts for a longer time (as opposed to records and cassette tapes) I feel a lot is being missed out.

Yes, it is nice to have over 3,000 songs (all ripped from my own CDs, BTW) available to me in a device that fits in my pocket but what’s the cost?

These are just some examples of what today’s music fans are missing out on. Continue reading