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10 things today’s music fans are missing

How people have listened to music  has changed a lot over the past, well, for as long as it has been around but until about 30 years ago (mainly with the introduction of the CD) it was fairly consistent.  The CD changed the music industry for the next 20-25 years and then music downloading changed it even more.  While today’s methods give us crisper / cleaner music that lasts for a longer time (as opposed to records and cassette tapes) I feel a lot is being missed out.

Yes, it is nice to have over 3,000 songs (all ripped from my own CDs, BTW) available to me in a device that fits in my pocket but what’s the cost?

These are just some examples of what today’s music fans are missing out on. Continue reading

So, you think the Mars missions are a waste of money?

I’m hearing a lot of comments from people about how the Curiosity mission to Mars was a “waste of money”. They also claim that because of the space program a lot of money that could be used to benefit our lives is “wasted”. Honestly, I hear a lot of complaining about how the whole space program, NASA, the JPL, and even new private companies like Virgin Galactic are a waste of money. The people who say these things don’t realize that most of the benefits from the space program don’t come from space but come from our own planet. When the space program was just beginning and it’s founders were asking Congress for money, Congress told them that they would give the space program money as long as the technology developed to put men into space also benefits the people on Earth. Every list has computers and the internet (neither of which was invented by the space program but many of their advances did come from the space program) so I won’t include these two. Here is a list of technologies that I’m willing to bet every naysayer has used the majority of. Continue reading