Tuftonboro’s Airboat Rescue – why aren’t there more on the lake?

Last month, on Feb 11th we had the deadliest day on Lake Winnipsaukee’s history. 3 people died when their snowmobiles went though the ice. Officials knew it was more dangerous than usual and with the ice fishing derby in Meredith traffic on the lake was a lot higher than usual.  Warmer temperatures earlier in the week had thawed areas of the lake (some even completely thawed), then cold weather for a few days creating areas of thin ice where it was thawed, then snow to cover and hide the thin areas.  Warnings were posted but clearly people either didn’t hear the warnings or ignored them.


Tuftonboro FD’s airboat rescue was one of only two stationed on the lake that day (the other was temporarily stationed in Meredith – the north side of the lake). They responded to multiple calls from Moultonborough to Alton (roughly 2/3 of the largest lake in New Hampshire).


First, I’d like to say that Tuftonboro’s airboat rescue team DID save lives that day.  There is no doubt.  Sadly, though, lives were lost and it rises the question – what about all the other towns on the lake?

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So you want to help someone get a pet for a present.

The holiday season is fast approaching and many people around the world are thinking about someone who wants a pet for a Christmas present.  A lot of them are a parent who is considering a pet for the family and the point of this article is not directed towards them (but it could have some pointers).  This is for someone who is thinking of getting a pet for a parent or a child who does not live with them, another family member, or even a friend.  Please, read this article.

A pet is a very long term commitment.  By very long term I mean at least 5 years and possibly as many as 20 years.  Pets do not make good presents to other people.  Plain and simple.  It is a decision that should only be made by the person who is going to be the primary caregiver for the pet and those who live with them.  Do not, DO NOT get them a pet for Christmas.  Many pets bought, adopted, etc. this way end up in shelters within a year (puppy behavior is not good, dogs get big, cats misbehave, etc.).  Getting someone a pet as a present is a bad idea.

So, what do you do for the person who has their mind set on getting a pet this holiday season?  You can be there for them and if you are educated on an aspect of the animal that they want (teach them about different dog breeds, etc.). Continue reading

What’s with the complaints about stores being open on holidays?

Over the past few years (what, 5-10?) there has been a lot of outcry over people who have to work major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. People even call for boycotts of these stores, hold protests, etc… Honestly, though, where is this coming from? Employees working these holidays is nothing new! Continue reading

Once again it’s election time.

Here we are in the same place we find ourselves every 2, 4, or 6 years.  It’s election time.  You can rest assured that Wed morning we’ll wake up with either Clinton or Trump the elected president and about half of us will be happy or bragging and the other half will be unhappy and possibly even complaining about how rigged the process is.  Then, a few days later we’ll all go back to our lives and forget about the process for another 2/4/6 years then it starts all over again.

I’ll admit, I don’t like the election process too much.  The delegates to elect the nominee is rigged plus the media likes to jump in and potentially influence the election (perfect example, Hillary Clinton announced she won the New Hampshire primary at 7:45PM eastern time even though the polls in New Hampshire were open until 8PM.  The news ran with this from that minute over the next 48 hours and then people oved onto the next set of states.  The truth?  Bernie Sanders won NH’s Democratic primary but not a single person or news agency went back and recanted the store about Clinton winning.  This isn’t the first time, too, remember Florida in 2000 when the news announced a winner even though polls were still open?

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So you want to help our economy…

Everywhere we look it seems that our economy, while we’re told is better than it has been, is still not as strong as it was in the past.  Granted, a lot that drives the economy is “consumer confidence” (confident consumers buy more while less confident consumers tend to spend less), very little can be done to change the public perception of the economy (as a whole).  People who are in well paid, full time employment are more likely to spend more (not just things that are needed but also luxury items) and are also able to save better for tough times that might come ahead, thus softening the blow when the economy does start to shake.

There are many little things we can do to help out our economy as well as keeping jobs in the USA.  Sadly, many people choose to go the “cheap” route which is one of the killers of our economy and job market.  Sadly, most of these do involve us spending more money but over the long run it will help our economy. Continue reading

5 things drivers do for safety that are actually dangerous

slow1)      Driving Slowly

This is one of my largest pet peeves (since it can be very dangerous) and by “slowly” I mean below the speed limit.  I’d also like to add in – this means during normal driving conditions (when you can safely drive the speed limit).  Dry pavement, good visibility, etc, are times of “normal driving conditions” while heavy fog, traffic, bad weather are not.

The thought:  Driving slowly will give you more time to react if something happens while driving.  It will also help you maintain control of your car.  Besides, most highway safety boards say “driving slowly reduces your risk of an accident”, right?

The reality:  Driving slowly can be dangerous, especially on multi-lane roads and highways.  People always look at speeders but at least they’re the one who has to move from lane to lane to avoid the slower cars.  If a car is going below the speed limit then all other cars need to move to get past them – more cars switching lanes increases the chances of an accident.  Think of it this way, if you were driving 45 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else was driving 60 MpH you’d think they were being dangerous.  How is this any different when one car is driving 30 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else is driving the speed limit?

What you should do:  Drive the speed limit or at least close to it.  If you can’t then you should consider alternate routes on slower streets or even look into if you should be driving at all.  Most states have minimum speed limits on highways and can also pull over cars on side streets for driving too slowly (usually 10-15 MpH below the speed limit). Continue reading

10 things today’s music fans are missing

How people have listened to music  has changed a lot over the past, well, for as long as it has been around but until about 30 years ago (mainly with the introduction of the CD) it was fairly consistent.  The CD changed the music industry for the next 20-25 years and then music downloading changed it even more.  While today’s methods give us crisper / cleaner music that lasts for a longer time (as opposed to records and cassette tapes) I feel a lot is being missed out.

Yes, it is nice to have over 3,000 songs (all ripped from my own CDs, BTW) available to me in a device that fits in my pocket but what’s the cost?

These are just some examples of what today’s music fans are missing out on. Continue reading