5 things drivers do for safety that are actually dangerous

slow1)      Driving Slowly

This is one of my largest pet peeves (since it can be very dangerous) and by “slowly” I mean below the speed limit.  I’d also like to add in – this means during normal driving conditions (when you can safely drive the speed limit).  Dry pavement, good visibility, etc, are times of “normal driving conditions” while heavy fog, traffic, bad weather are not.

The thought:  Driving slowly will give you more time to react if something happens while driving.  It will also help you maintain control of your car.  Besides, most highway safety boards say “driving slowly reduces your risk of an accident”, right?

The reality:  Driving slowly can be dangerous, especially on multi-lane roads and highways.  People always look at speeders but at least they’re the one who has to move from lane to lane to avoid the slower cars.  If a car is going below the speed limit then all other cars need to move to get past them – more cars switching lanes increases the chances of an accident.  Think of it this way, if you were driving 45 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else was driving 60 MpH you’d think they were being dangerous.  How is this any different when one car is driving 30 MpH in a 45 MpH zone and everyone else is driving the speed limit?

What you should do:  Drive the speed limit or at least close to it.  If you can’t then you should consider alternate routes on slower streets or even look into if you should be driving at all.  Most states have minimum speed limits on highways and can also pull over cars on side streets for driving too slowly (usually 10-15 MpH below the speed limit). Continue reading