How to make extra money during rough times.

Please note: If you are collecting unemployment do some research on if you are allowed to make money and how much before it affects your benefits. This varies from state to state and if you do not report earned money it can lead to legal action against you from the state (some states it can even lead to jail time).

So, you got laid off or have free time and would like to earn some extra money. I’ve seen more posts than I can count promising to show you ways to make extra money but they are all the same – surveys, watch TV shows, etc. The problem with these is that you can put a lot of time into them but make little to no money (surveys have a habit of making you spend 30 to 45 minutes trying to “qualify” for the survey – even ask you dozens of survey questions only to tell you that you do not qualify and won’t get paid).

Other “make money” opportunities include spending money. Yeah, you can get a $100 credit on a new credit card but after you spend $500 (and pay it off) plus, not everyone is able to open and maintain a new bank or investment account.

This post is different. While almost none of these can be done from home (and actually require work) they can help you make extra money during hard times.

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Interviewing 101- A Few Quick Tips

While taking a photography trip today I stopped to have lunch at a Burger King. I noticed a rather unkempt young man (late teens, early 20’s?) sitting at one of the tables sitting by himself. Not thinking anything of it I sat a few booths over. Turns out this person was there for an interview for a job. Honestly, I would be surprised if he was hired (but he may have been for reasons I’ll mention later) and if he was his hiring didn’t have much to do with his interview. Continue reading

Tuftonboro’s Airboat Rescue – why aren’t there more on the lake?

Last month, on Feb 11th we had the deadliest day on Lake Winnipsaukee’s history. 3 people died when their snowmobiles went though the ice. Officials knew it was more dangerous than usual and with the ice fishing derby in Meredith traffic on the lake was a lot higher than usual.  Warmer temperatures earlier in the week had thawed areas of the lake (some even completely thawed), then cold weather for a few days creating areas of thin ice where it was thawed, then snow to cover and hide the thin areas.  Warnings were posted but clearly people either didn’t hear the warnings or ignored them.


Tuftonboro FD’s airboat rescue was one of only two stationed on the lake that day (the other was temporarily stationed in Meredith – the north side of the lake). They responded to multiple calls from Moultonborough to Alton (roughly 2/3 of the largest lake in New Hampshire).


First, I’d like to say that Tuftonboro’s airboat rescue team DID save lives that day.  There is no doubt.  Sadly, though, lives were lost and it rises the question – what about all the other towns on the lake?

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The American Health Care Act

First – it is nearly impossible to find unbiased information on the Republican replacement (the American Health Care Act) of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ACA, Obamacare) so I’m going to try to take this from several different sources (biased either way or not) and see if it is the end-all savior that some think or the worst plan ever as others think.

Add in, this law, being written like many laws, spends a lot of space referring to other laws and would require an entire team to be able to fully understand then explain the law (it is like “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased” in Beetlejuice – “This book reads like stereo instructions).  The initial law, though, is much shorter than the original ACA – only about 123 pages.  Please also note, this is a first draft and likely to change.  If there are parts of this act that you do not like I highly recommend that you get in contact with your lawmakers – and do it quickly. Continue reading

So you want to help someone get a pet for a present.

The holiday season is fast approaching and many people around the world are thinking about someone who wants a pet for a Christmas present.  A lot of them are a parent who is considering a pet for the family and the point of this article is not directed towards them (but it could have some pointers).  This is for someone who is thinking of getting a pet for a parent or a child who does not live with them, another family member, or even a friend.  Please, read this article.

A pet is a very long term commitment.  By very long term I mean at least 5 years and possibly as many as 20 years.  Pets do not make good presents to other people.  Plain and simple.  It is a decision that should only be made by the person who is going to be the primary caregiver for the pet and those who live with them.  Do not, DO NOT get them a pet for Christmas.  Many pets bought, adopted, etc. this way end up in shelters within a year (puppy behavior is not good, dogs get big, cats misbehave, etc.).  Getting someone a pet as a present is a bad idea.

So, what do you do for the person who has their mind set on getting a pet this holiday season?  You can be there for them and if you are educated on an aspect of the animal that they want (teach them about different dog breeds, etc.). Continue reading