Calling out all geeks and nerds!

With the mess that our country is in today, and has been for a while, it is clear that politicians, bankers, businessmen, and the elite are not doing the best job possible.  So who to turn to?  Well, in the business world when something goes wrong the entire company turns to one group of people to take care of it – their technicians (IT people, etc.).

So I am calling out all geeks, nerds, gamers, cosplayers, engineers, IT techs, beta testers, and the like.  Start getting into politics!!  Now, all the non-geek people are asking why?  Here are several good reasons but I am sure there are many more.

  1. Filibusters would be a thing of the past.  Gamers are dedicated and hard working but also don’t BS around when it comes to their time off and recreation.  They don’t waste time and don’t put up with it.  If someone started a filibuster then the gamers would band together to get it ended and get to the needed vote.
  2. Loopholes would cease to exist.  Gamers, beta testers, and cosplayers have an amazing attention to detail and want to examine everything before it is put out on display.  They’ll go though every little detail and make sure there is no room for abuse.
  3. Problems would be solved.  When a problem is found the IT techs will come up with a solution – a REAL solution that fixes the problem so it doesn’t comeback.  The engineers will work with the IT people to design a resolution and the beta testers will work with the engineers to make sure the solution will work.
  4. Laws would be easy to read.  Cosplayers concentrate on image and accuracy.  They want what they have to be as close to the original as they can make it easy for others to understand.  If someone doesn’t understand their costume then they’re more than willing and able to explain it to anyone in a way they’d understand.
  5. BS would be replaced with facts.  These people love a good argument or challenge but won’t resort to BS and lying – they’ll stick to the facts.  You’ve seen the arguments, Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux, AMD vs. Intel, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft, and so on.  Even in the deepest of arguments they’ll still stick to the facts and even after a day of arguing they’ll still be willing to go out and have a drink with the person they were arguing with.
  6. Campaigning would be honest.  Geeks love what they do and take pride in their achievements.  You might still see some negative campaigns but most would be about themselves.  I did this, I did that.

The sad truth is that not many people would take these people seriously when they’re standing at the podium.  We’ve always been looked down upon (despite everyone comes to us to fix their problems?) and sadly many people look at us and don’t take us seriously.  So, we’ll need a group who would be a willing front man who is just as no-BS as we are and there is one group I can think of.


Veterans served and fought for the country they love and would want to do nothing less than what they think is the best for our nation.  They’ll stand up at the podium, tell the nation the truth, and then when the geeks get in their Star Trek vs. Star Wars arguments they’re more than willing to knock a few heads around to get them back to work.

So there you have it – our politicians should be replaced by the geeks and nerds of our country and supervised by the veterans – I’m sure our nation will quickly start to turn around.

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