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Defenders of Wildlife: Misleading fundraising?

220px-Everglades_National_Park_Florida_PantherSeveral months ago my wife and I went to a Florida Panthers (hockey) game.  During one of the periods I took a walk around the arena and came across a booth with people promoting conservation of the Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi), a critically endangered subspecies of panther that exists in south Florida.  I spent quite a bit of time talking to the people about the panthers and the discussion migrated to wolf dogs and wolf-like dogs since one of them had a husky / malamute service dog with them.  Their setup and their paperwork didn’t give any kind of hint that they were associated with a larger organization and I was under the impression that they were a local organization  I decided to give them a donation of $20 and they gave me a small stuffed panther.

My concerns started the next day when I noticed the tag on the stuffed panther said “Defenders of Wildlife”.  I didn’t jump to conclusions at the time since I had also given them my email address.  I was hoping that DOW had given these panthers to the group as a donation to help with the conservation.  Over the next few months I watched my email account and did not receive any emails from DOW so I thought that the panthers were donated to the group from DOW. Continue reading

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