Boston Marathon Bombing

 Please note, all information in this was obtained though public news sources and I cannot verify any of it.  If you find anything inaccurate, please let me know either though the comments or my Facebook page,

While tragedies and disasters are not uncommon in today’s world for the majority of us they usually happen in some far off place and doesn’t affect us too much other than watching it on the nightly news.  Most of the time we don’t know anyone but might know someone who knows someone who knows someone else who is ex-roommates with someone who knew someone who was in a class with someone who was affected by the disaster (and the larger the disaster the closer the victims are to us).  For some reason, this isn’t true for New England.

It’s like relationships in New England are a step (or more) above what they would be in the rest of the nation.  Acquaintances are friends, friends are close friends, close friends are family, and so on.  When a disaster hits New England the effects reach far beyond than they would elsewhere in the nation.  We saw this with the Station Nightclub fire (Great White was playing on Feb 20, 2003) where the effects hit all 6 states and people hundreds of miles away.  The Boston Marathon bombing is another example.  With 4 dead (3 at the race and 1 MIT security officer on April 19) so far and almost 200 injured (many still in the hospital) it is hard to find a New Englander who doesn’t know someone who was there.

mrWhile the media seems to concentrate on the (suspected) criminals, I feel that the media should also concentrate on the victims.  If the family allows, name them and tell everyone about them.  Don’t turn the criminals into celebrities, this should be for the victims.  With that said, here is a little dedication to the victims of the bombing.

The first announced victim was 8 year old Martin Richard from Dorchester, MA.  This young child was near the finish line to watch family friends cross the finish line (rumors of his father, Bill Richard, was racing may not be true, even though he is a runner).  Martin enjoyed to play baseball, hockey, and soccer with his siblings and other neighborhood children and also enjoyed going for bike rides.  He was very active and a proponent of peace, as shown by the photograph of him holding a sign “No more hurting people   peace” (undated but might be in honor of Trayvon Martin).

His sister was also seriously injured in the blast and lost one leg and his mother was also seriously injured in the blast and had to go emergency surgery for a concussion.



The second announced victim was 29 year old Krystle Campbell (from Arlington, MA) who went to the race every year

with her friend to watch the runners.  Initially her family was told that she had survived and was in the hospital but authorities had the two friends confused.  Nurse Stephen Segatory tended to Krystal at a triage center and tried to save her life for 10 minutes until she was pronounced dead.  Stephen Segatory has said he would like to meet her family to let them know she didn’t die alone or in pain.

Krystle was a manager at Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington, MA and was considered hard working and cheerful by her co-workers.  She also moved into her grandmother’s house two years ago to assist her after an operation.

llThe third and final victim of the bombing was 23 year old Lu Lingzi, a Chinese graduate student at Boston University (majoring in mathematics and statistics) and hoped for a career in business or finance.  Last year she had graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology and had received an “excellent student” award there.  She is described as being very popular, a chatterbox, and loved flowers (and often asked when trees and flowers would bloom in Boston).

A friend who was at the race with her was also critically injured but is in stable condition.

While there have only been 3 victims of the bombing, this morning a 4th victim of the terrorists was killed early this smmorning in a gun battle between the terrorists and police officers.  26 year old MIT police officer Sean Collier of Somerville, MA was killed Thursday night in a gun battle in which one of the terrorists also died.

Sean graduated from Salem State University in 2009 with honors with a degree in criminal justice.  He was considered a model MIT officer and was hard working and well liked amongst his colleagues and MIT students and staff.

As of now (6PM EST, April 19, 2013) these are the only fatalities of these terrorists.  One of the terrorists is dead and there is a large scale manhunt for the second.  Hopefully the second terrorist will be caught soon and be brought to justice, either by a court or by the hand of the gods.  My thoughts and prayers are for the victims and everyone else affected by this tragedy and that the toll does not rise any more.

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