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5 Biggest Losers from the AT&T / T-Mobile buyout.

A lot of people in telecom are watching the AT&T / T-Mobile merger but many more people need to watch what is going on.  We’re looking at the foundation of another MABell but this time we could have two MABells and with wireless as opposed to the big wire line behemoth that was broken up in 1984.  AT&T should remember this well.

Everyone thinks that if the government allows it then it is good for everyone, right?  Wrong.  Clearly the big winner will be AT&T – they’ll have roughly 130 million subscribers or close to 1/3 of the US wireless consumer base.  Verizon would be second with 101 million and Sprint would be third with 50 million.  Just to give a hint at the spread, Metro PCS would be fourth with a whopping 8 million.

So, who would be the losers? Continue reading